We believe your time is valuable and are here to listen to all your concerns and find how we can best help you.


Initial Visit

30 minute Follow Up

1 hour Follow Up

45 minute follow up

Acute 15 minute appointment

Full Physical Exam or Women's Wellness exams

Chronic & acute pain appointment

Laser therapy

This is a 60 minute appointment for new patients that includes a comprehensive look at your medical history, a focused physical exam, suggestions for lab work and/or reviewing lab work, time to answer as many of your questions as we can, and a personalized treatment plan.


Duration: 60 Minutes

This appointment is to review your progress, discuss and revise your treatment plan if needed, review labs, and answer any questions you may have.


Duration: 30 Minutes

This is for patients who have not been in for more than a year or patients wanting a longer follow up visit.

*Patients who have not had an appointment in more than a year are required to book a 1 hour follow up visit.


Duration: 60 Minutes

This is a longer follow up visit for patients who require more time due to the complexity of their concerns and/or patients with extensive testing who require detailed explanation, clarification, and planning depending on results.


Duration: 45 Minutes

This is a brief in office or phone appointment for for a quick question about your treatment plan, a prescription refill, or acute medical conditions that can be addressed in a brief visit (eg. urinary tract infection, cold or flu, etc.)

*Please call the clinic for this option


Duration: 15 Minutes

A full physical exam includes taking your vitals (blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, and temperature), head, eyes, ears, nose and throat exams, a heart exam, lung exam, abdominal exam, and neurological exam. The women’s wellness exam includes a PAP smear, breast exam, and answers to any of your female health questions.


Duration: 45 Minutes

This appointment is for patients suffering from acute or chronic pain. This appointment may include muscle work, trigger point injections, advice for supplement and patient home care, and/or cold laser therapy. 2-3 appointments are recommended for acute pain, and 6-8 appointments are recommended for chronic pain.


Duration: 45 Minutes

The initial appointment is 30 minutes long for a physical assessment and 20 minutes of treatment. Follow up appointments include 30 minutes of treatment and discussion of supplements and diet to reduce healing time.
Most patients need at least 3 sessions to achieve pain relief. The younger you are and more acute the injury is, the less appointments you generally need. For chronic conditions, more appointments are usually necessary.

$100 per 30 minutes
Duration: 30 Minutes

Acupuncture & cold laser for chronic pain

Naturopathic Acupuncture

This is a longer appointment for acute or chronic pain, focusing on acupuncture & cold laser therapy.


Duration: 60 Minutes

Dr. Chay has extra training and extensive clinical experience performing acupuncture. This visit includes acupuncture as well as specific diet, lifestyle and supplement recommendations for your condition.


Duration: 30 Minutes

Vitamin injection

IV therapy

A quick injection to boost certain vitamin levels. Please call the clinic to inquire about the different types of injections we offer.

Dependent on type of injection

Duration: 5 Minutes

An intravenous infusion of vitamins and minerals. An initial visit for a complete medical history and some lab tests are mandatory before starting IV therapy. This is for maximum benefit and to ensure it is an appropriate and safe treatment for you.

Dependent on IV

Duration: Dependent on IV


Many extended health plans (EHPs) offer coverage for naturopathic doctors. For more information on what your specific plan covers, contact your employer.
Naturopathic consults, testing, and therapies are fully covered if you have a Health Spending Account (HSA), but are not currently covered by MSP (Medical Services Plan of BC) unless you have Premium Assistance Status.