Prior to my 4 year medical degree, I completed pre-medical studies and a degree in Psychology at the University of Regina in Saskatchewan. Combining my love of medicine, psychology, and nature I was driven to a career in Naturopathic Medicine.

I made the Kootenays my home in 2016, and I now provide Naturopathic care to the residents of Rossland, Trail, Castlegar, Fruitvale, Nelson, Grand Forks & beyond.

After almost 6 years in practice, the most common concerns I see are perimenopause/ menopause, hormone imbalances, low energy, stress/burnout/anxiety, and IBS/SIBO.

Time and time again, I have seen these concerns greatly improve with simple diet and lifestyle changes and the aid of herbal and vitamin supplements and/or bioidentical hormones if indicated. I truly believe every patient is unique and as such deserves a specific, customized program of treatment.

Naturopathic Physician & owner 

About Dr. Amanda Chay

I am passionate about helping women balance their hormones, energy & mood naturally.

I have up to date knowledge and have treated more than 1500 patients just like you.

In addition 8 years of school, I have had the privilege of working at the following:
- 1 year internship at Positive Living BC in Vancouver, BC
- 4 month internship at the Family Naturopathic Clinic in Victoria, BC 
- Global health intensive in Nicaragua at the Naturopathic Doctors International Clinic performing physical exams and taking courses in global health.

In addition to my Naturopathic Medical training, I have advanced training & certifications in the following:

- The ability to prescribe pharmaceutical medications
- Acupuncture
- IV therapy (no longer offering this service--please call the clinic for referrals)
- Advanced cardiac life support
- Years of mentorship & continuing education for hormone prescribing/menopause

My goal is to help you to be symptom free, so you can simply spend more time enjoying each day.

I believe the key to health and happiness is balance and I will help you get to a place where you can still enjoy the simple pleasures of life without compromising your health. I am excited to offer you a more natural approach and work with you on your journey to optimal health!


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Clinical counsellor & owner of The Natural Path Clinic

About Gabriel Roy-Wright BA, MC

Welcome! I have a counselling practice in Rossland serving youth/families, couples, and other adults

I’m originally from Saskatchewan but I now call Rossland home. On my journey to becoming a counsellor, I acquired expertise through experiences that sharpened my ability to understand, listen, and empathize with others.

• Completing an undergraduate degree in psychology,
• Working as a research assistant, 
• Volunteering with underserved youth,
• Working on a crisis line,
• Working as a support worker (integrating adults with autism into their community in Trail, BC)
• Graduating with a master’s degree in clinical counselling from the University of Lethbridge.

I completed my practicum at Child and Youth Mental Health services (CYMH) under the guidance and supervision of Sean Larsen. It was under Sean’s expert guidance that I found my clinical focus. I have always loved working with children and youth, but my time at CYMH exposed me to the benefit that I could bring to youth with mental health concerns.

Why see a counsellor?

Counsellors use applied psychology to address your problems. We help clients by developing connection and understanding. My goal is not to provide answers, as a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist might, but to listen to you and support you in finding your own solutions.

I am passionate about helping clients address: 
• Depression, 
• Anxiety, 
• OCD, 
• Autism, 
• Suicidal thoughts and actions,
• Substance use and addictions,
• Career planning,
• Relationship issues (couples counselling is not provided at this time), 
• Interpersonal and family issues,
• Existential crisis,
• Gender identity and formation,
• Grief and loss,
• Abuse and trauma. 

I am a client-centered practitioner which means my goal is to build a collaborative relationship with you. Within this relationship we will choose from multiple approaches that suite your issues and resonate with you. More information about my treatment approaches is available here or if you feel like booking an appointment you can do so here.

If you would like to book an appointment you can do so here

You can find more information on my website at

If you have any questions feel free to email me at 


Gabriel Roy-Wright BA, MC

While my focus is on children and youth I am happy to offer my services to all age groups: adults and seniors included.

About Dr. Joëlle Bradford

Dr. Joëlle Bradford is a Canadian trained naturopathic physician. She
graduated from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver with a
Bachelor of Science, specializing in clinical nutrition, followed by a
pre-medical clinical internship in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Quito,
Ecuador. Joëlle graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic
Medicine at the New Westminster campus.

Joëlle lived in Hong Kong from 2012 where she practised at the
Integrated Medicine Institute, treating patients from around the world,
and across the life cycle for acute and chronic conditions; identifying
and addressing the root cause of health concerns. She offers a unique
combination of botanical medicine, clinical nutrition and lifestyle
counselling in her treatments. She is also trained in Emotional Freedom
Technique (EFT) and is adept at identifying and addressing the
underlying emotional component of illnesses, stress and mood issues.

In 2022, Joëlle relocated back to Canada, and is now in Rossland,
British Columbia. She is excited to have joined The Natural Path Clinic
and looks forward to assisting her patients with compassionate
understanding on their healing journey.