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What is Naturopathic Medicine?

Naturopathic practitioners are focused on providing individualized, natural healthcare. They use proven traditional treatments alongside modern, evidence-based medicine.

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benefits of Naturopathic Medical Treatment

  • Increased energy
  • Weight loss
  • Decreased pain
  • Decreased symptoms
  • Fewer side effects from treatment
  • Better sleep
  • Increased libido
  • Optimal health & Lifestyle

benefits of Working With Us

Better appointments

  • Minimal wait times
  • Longer visits
  • Time spent listening to all of
    your health concerns
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More control

  • A large range of treatment options
  • Explanations of treatments and your health concerns
  • Individualized treatment
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Naturopathic doctors use both treatments and testing that are evidence-based, and also those that have been proven to work traditionally through clinical experience.

Did You Know?


Naturopathic physicians must attend the same pre-medical studies as MDs, and they must obtain a four-year degree prior to applying to one of the seven accredited schools in North America.


To obtain the title of Naturopathic Doctor (ND), the naturopathic physician attends four years of full-time post-graduate studies.


Students of a Naturopathic Medical program cover the same physiology, pathology, and basic sciences as MDs, in addition to studies on herbal medicine, vitamins, and lifestyle.

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