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Modern Eggs Benny - The Natural Path Clinic

Modern Eggs Benny

Eggs benny gets a makeover! Replace the butter and carbs for a lighter, crisper version of the stately classic. It still tastes delicious I promise!

Servings: 4


For the olive oil hollandaise

3 organic free-range egg yolks (try Forrest Farms from salmo!)

2 teaspoons fresh squeezed lemon juice (+ more to taste)

200ml organic olive oil (warmed)

1 shot of tabasco

1 shot of Worcestershire sauce

Salt and pepper to taste



4 organic free-range eggs for poaching (double if people want two eggs per serving)

1 cup finely julienned organic Lacinato kale

1 cup finely julienned organic Swiss chard

10 stalks organic asparagus (cut into 2 inch lengths)

If asparagus is out of season, or expensive, substitute thinly sliced radishes, snap peas, or organic cherry tomatoes.


2 tablespoons vinegar for the poaching water.


First get a large pot of water boiling. You will use this to make the hollandaise and then after to poach the eggs.  Next, warm your olive oil in a small pot, once warm set to the side. Once the water is boiling whisk the 3 egg yolks with the 2 tsp  lemon juice in a medium sized steel bowl. Whisk off the heat for 30 seconds until well mixed. Then place over boiling water and whisk, making sure the bowl, never touches the water. Whisk until thick ribbons follow behind the path of the whisk. If unsure about this stage youtube  “whisking eggs for hollandaise” to get an idea of the consistency you want. You may need to take the bowl off the heat and continue whisking. Just make sure not to cook the egg mixture. If it starts to look crumbly or chunky you will need to start again as the emulsification with the oil will not take place. No worries sometimes cooking takes a couple tries!

Once the egg mixture looks pale, fluffy, and ribbony, remove from the heat and set somewhere stable. Next, slowly add in the warmed olive oil bit by bit, while continuing to whisk, making sure it’s completely incorporated before adding more. Once the oil has all been incorporated add tabasco, Worcestershire, and extra lemon juice to taste, if desired.

Set aside somewhere warm and move onto the next steps.

Prepare all veg according to ingredient directions and divide evenly between four plates or shallow bowls. I usually make a bed of the finely julienned veg and then sprinkle the other veg on top and when the eggs are ready perch that on top.

Add the 2 tbsp of vinegar to the boiling water and turn down to a very gentle simmer. The vinegar will help keep the egg together in the simmering water. Next ,crack and slowly slip each egg into the simmering water.  Let simmer for around 3-4 min for soft-poached egg and 5-7 for hard-poached.

Remove eggs one at a time from pot with a slotted spoon and place on a clean tea towel to drain excess water. Place on top of the veg and top with hollandaise. Serve and enjoy! 

Optional: chop herbs such as basil, tarragon, cilantro, parlsey, or marjoram and sprinkle on top. You could also try the gremolata or dukkha recipes, linked below, as a garnish!

If your hollandaise hardens while completing the other parts of the recipe add in a few teaspoons of warm water and whisk to revive!


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