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Now Hiring: Rockstar ND!

Now Hiring: Rockstar ND!

I am looking for a Rockstar ND who wants an epic lifestyle.

You value balance, freedom, and knowledge/empowerment. You are not interested in being a ‘doctator’, instead you want to co-create healthy lifestyles with your patients. You love educating and empowering patients.

You love the mountain lifestyle, such as skiing, snowboarding, hiking and/or mountain biking and want a career that allows you to go for a hike before or after work because the path is two minutes from your house.

A natural extrovert, you can be talking natural medicine in the coffee shops, on the hiking trails and formally in educational talks and presentations within the community.

To you your career isn’t just a job–it is your passion.  You love helping people find and maintain their best health.

Working hands on with people is where you excel. Diagnosing and treating a variety of conditions and patient populations is where you thrive. Seeing someone with a UTI, then hashimoto’s, then SIBO, then ADHD, then burnout, then acute pain, etc. is the ideal challenge and variety for you.

Ideally there is a special place in your heart for helping patients overcome acute and chronic pain. You are adept at creating and executing longer-term care plans. You are passionate about empowering and enabling people to live an active lifestyle.

You value lifelong learning. You are a quick learner and adaptable to change.  You do not need someone to hold your hand, but you have no problem asking for help when you need it.

You are a proactive team player that has no problem helping out your colleagues as needed.

You want a guaranteed income PLUS the potential to dramatically increase your income based on performance.

Ability to work two evenings and one day on the weekend is a must.


The day to day: 30 hours per week

In clinic: 25 hours per week

  • Scheduled for 25 patient hours/week (this can be expanded if you wish—this is designed to prevent burnout)
    • Seeing patients, accurately finishing charts, creating and executing treatment plans
    • Prescribing supplements where appropriate for their condition
  • Light reception work on days scheduled without reception
    • Checking patients out and processing payments according to policy
    • Answering the phone & scheduling appointments when you are not with patients
    • Helping people buy supplements when you are not with patients

Public education: 5 hours per week

  • Public education 2x/month (Examples: public speaking, booth at the farmers market or other markets, fundraising events, local media interviews, health advocacy, and related as needed)
  • Online education
    • Long Articles 1 x/week
    • Short articles 2-3x/week


E-mail info@dramandachay.ca with:

  • Your resume
  • Complete the sentence: When I am not being a Rockstar ND, you can find me ____________________
  • A 4 sentence description of why you would be perfect for this job
  • List: 2 of your pet peeves
  • Provide: 2 references

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